Who needs Super Foods when you’ve got Super People

There’s all this talk about Super Foods these days. Well here at the Double D we could care less about Super Foods. we’ve got more important things to deal with – finding Super People.

Are you a Super People?

  • Super People give of themselves regularly
  • Super People give often
  • Super People don’t look for accolades and praise; they just do
  • Super People are always looking for ways to be of help; of service to others
  • Super People get involved

Examples of Super People we know are the people who tirelessly run soup kitchens and food pantries all around the US; in places like Syracuse, New Orleans and Memphis – just a few of the towns we’ve visited. Examples of Super People are those who come back to the Double D on a regular basis like Scott Q, Sonya J, Miss Lucy, Mr. Omelet, and Miss Tip-lets of Beef. Those are just a few of our Super People. Super People include Miss Nancy, Miss Jean and Miss Alisa who provide guidance and brainpower to help me run this place.

And shortly we’ve got a whole new group of Super People – a team of youth who will be working with us during the summer to put even more Fun in FUNDraising. So not only are they Super People; I like to call them SUPER FUN-RAISERS!

Super Foods might keep you healthy; but Super People keep the world a better place. Today I thank all the Super People!

Chief Cook & Bottle Washer @ The World’s Only Virtual Diner Fighting Hunger

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